December 3, 2014

A small Wordpress website for a local non-profit. Check out the site for yourself

Layer 1

I’ve often thought that there should be a Web Developers Without Borders-style organization where people who know what they’re doing build websites for small non-profits and community organizations that direly need new websites. For those sorts of organizations, it’ll never make financial sense to spend even a thousand dollars hiring a developer for a new site. They’re not selling anything, and they really just need to get information out to their visitors, so they stick with the ugly, hard-to-use site they’ve been using for ages. But the thing is, even the nerdiest web people visit sites like that from time to time; one of the websites I visit most hasn’t had a redesign of any sort in ten years. So if we want a better web for everyone, we’re just going to have to build some websites for free now and then.

So what we have here is a website for an organization my wife is a part of, the Association of Washington International Student Affairs. They had an old website that no one knew how to update, and they wanted something that a) they could update and b) wasn’t totally terrible. I volunteered to do it, because a) I’m an excellent person and b) I enjoy getting on my high horse (see above paragraph) and c) with local development and grunt and SASS and all our other great tools, whipping out a five-page custom WordPress site really doesn’t take all that long.

This site wouldn’t go on page-one of my resume, but it fits the basic criteria of a not-terrible website:

And for what this site is doing, that’s all they really needed. I can’t fix the whole internet, but I can fix this one site. Don’t call me a hero.