BreCyn Salon

April 1, 2015

A website for Brecyn Salon in Everett, Washington. Check out the site for yourself

Layer 1

For this website, we had the chance to fully rebuild the website for BreCyn, a beauty salon in Everett, Washington. BreCyn had previously been using a pay-per-month salon-website generator, but they found it difficult to update, it didn’t show up well in search results, and it was hard to use on phones. We were able to build BreCyn a website that fixed all those problems, looked great, and was ultimately less expensive than their old website and its hosting plan. Here’s how we did it.

Easy Updating

To make the website easy for the stylists and staff to update, we built it with WordPress. WordPress websites will often just give you a big blank text editor that you get to fill with whatever you want. This sometimes works fine for blogs, but it can totally destroy a nice-looking, technically sound marketing website. Instead, we gave each page a number of different fields with specific instructions, and made it very difficult for anyone to mess up how the site looks, even if they weren’t a web person.

Visual Design

The talented Galyn Bunnell created the visual design for this site. Like a lot of small businesses, BreCyn didn’t have a full-fledged brand package, so we got to work with them to develop a color scheme and fonts that would look modern but appeal to all ages.


For a small business with a limited advertising budget, search-engine optimization can be a great way to get your name out there, particularly for an established business with a specific audience. SEO extends well beyond just a site’s design, structure, and content, but building a site with SEO in mind can often yield some decent results. Within a month of launching BreCyn’s new website, they moved from the second and third pages of Google search results for many key terms to the first page. And if BreCyn ever decides to a more comprehensive SEO effort, their new site can serve as a solid foundation to build on.