In the Spotlight

August 12, 2014

A custom Wordpress blog for Clover Park Technical College Check out the site for yourself

Layer 1

When I started at good old CPTC, they were using a Blogspot blog that looked exactly how you’d think a Blogspot blog from 2008 would look. My priority was the main college website, which is its own long time-consuming story, but during that process the College hired a staff person who started cranking out all these great stories about our students, and I felt absolutely terrible making them post that great content on such an outdated site.

So I built a WordPress site that lets us highlight our stories in a not-outdated-looking way. With a content-based site like this, my design philosophy is to let the content do the talking. In this case, that meant spending time making the typography look great, and arranging the articles to highlight the great photos.

One interesting technological thing about this site is that it needs to feed content to¬†the main CPTC site, which displays blog articles and news posts on the homepage and on pages for specific academic programs throughout the site.¬†Usually when a website is displaying a feed from a blog it uses RSS, but since these sites are both on the same server that didn’t really make sense. Instead, the blog sorts the various categories to json files, which are then read by the main CPTC site, which cuts out the RSS middleman and keeps things clean and easy to work with.