Tacoma Culinary

January 12, 2015

A site to promote the culinary programs at Clover Park Technical College. Check out the site for yourself

Layer 1

What we have here is a site that promotes the various endeavors of the culinary program at Clover Park Technical College. Seven or so years ago, the instructor for the program had created a basic website with information about their program, and that site held the top search ranking for a lot of great search terms. So, to take advantage of the search traffic it was getting, we updated the website with a modern, responsive look. We also put it into WordPress so that the instructor could easily update it. (The old site was updated via Dreamweaver.)

Our print designer, Rommel Villalobos, came up with the general layout for the site, and I put it into code and adjusted the design for different screen sizes. To get the homepage to look great at all screen sizes, I used the <picture> element to load different photo dimensions at different screen sizes. This let us do a layout that relied on specific photo sizes, and it also keeps the site fast despite using so many high-quality photos.